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Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

Our range of seminars and workshops cover the health spectrum and are a cost effective and efficient way to educate your teams.

Do you have a specific topic your team is interested in learning about? We can customise and create seminars and workshops to meet your needs.


Two Key Tools for Wellbeing

Two key tools for wellbeing provides insight into the basic building blocks we require as humans to live a healthy and fulfilling life – exercise and nutrition. Presented by one of our clinical exercise physiologists alongside one of our registered dieticians, this seminar breaks down myths surrounding dieting and exercise, whilst laying down the groundwork to allow individuals to take control of their nutrition and exercise regimes..

We do this by providing valuable insight into the role food and exercise play in our lives including the social, cultural and biological consequences. This provides a great grounding for future Healthbox seminars as it leads into more in-depth analysis of each area.

Smoking vs Vaping

Is smoking really better for you?

This information session is tailor-made to address
concerns surrounding smoking and vaping rates
and will enable team members to make an informed choice on their use of traditional and e-cigarettes. 


The seminar includes key smoking and vaping statistics, a demonstration of the physiological consequences of smoking and vaping in the airways and lungs, discussion of the different options for vaping including the difference in nicotine content between vape liquids, and a comprehensive summary of the most recent research into the difference in long-term health outcomes for smoking and vaping.

Healthy Eating

Sensible nutrition advice

This one-hour seminar can be run as a stand-alone seminar or as a follow on from the Two Key Tools for Wellbeing seminar. It takes a deeper look at the role our food plays in our health, covering New Zealand specific key focus areas such as fibre intake and obesity rates, and dispelling rumours and misinformation that is rife in the nutrition world. The seminar offers practical advice for those wanting to improve their diet and revitalise their overall health, including cheap and easy meal ideas and shopping and cooking tips.

Understanding Ergonomics

A safer and healthier workstation

The understanding ergonomic seminar is designed to communicate vital information regarding correct workstation set up to a large group. The seminar includes a live demonstration on how to correctly position workstation equipment, specific recommendations and common pitfalls to avoid with standing desks, and recommendations for rest and stretch breaks throughout the day to minimise injuries including examples of desk-based stretches and movements.

Cooking Classes

Putting theory into practice

Great for a hands-on approach to learning about
healthy food, or a healthy, engaging and fun team
bonding exercise. This one-hour workshop can
cater for up to 25 people and covers the making
(and taste testing) of 4-5 recipes chosen from an
extensive list. Options include healthy snacks,
fantastic salads and convenient lunch options.
Recipe cards are provided for everyone to take
home to their friends and families.

Sleep - Why is it so Important?

Understanding the importance 

Our sleep expert outlines what happens when
we sleep, and why sleep is important to us
biologically, whilst exploring how sleep impacts
on our health, mind, mood, and our energy levels.
Your team leave the workshop with practical tips,
tools and techniques they can implement for a
better night’s sleep to help reach optimal energy
levels at work and home.

Eating and nutrition demystified


Realising Resilience

Understand and build resilience

The workplace is a demanding environment constantly changing due to a range of pressures, taking a toll on your team, mentally and physically. Realising the power of resilience can help your team manage the working environment in a healthy and mindful manner that empowers individuality whilst maintaining organisational
cohesion and allowing a collaborative culture to thrive. 


Realising resilience is a one-hour workshop where one of our clinical psychologists breaks down the barriers to building resilience, allowing your team to understand fully what is means to be resilient, whilst implementing simple and practical tips to help build their resilience.

Managing Stress Skillfully

Identify the signs of stress and learn how to manage it

This seminar provides steps that can be taken by staff to protect themselves from the damaging effects of stress. It will introduce participants to the stress-buffering effects of mindfulness training and help them improve their job satisfaction and bolster their wellbeing both in and out of the workplace. 


Mindfulness means paying full attention to the present moment in an open and accepting way. A mindful person has the power to observe thoughts and then deliberately turn attention back to the present moment. The nature of the attention is also very important in mindfulness. Instead of judging experiences and trying to avoid them, mindfulness requires an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment. In a mindful state, the
individual allows experiences to be as they are, rather than to judge, fight, or control them.

Mental Health First Aid

Brought to you by St John

With 1 in 6 New Zealand adults experiencing a mental illness in their lifetime, chances are someone you know or care about may need help. How you respond may determine how quickly a friend, work colleague or loved ones gets the help they need, and our mental health first aid training will teach you the skills and knowledge to
recognise and respond to someone experiencing these mental health concerns.

This full-day practical course will teach you the skills to recognise mental distress, the confidence to provide initial help and guide a person towards professional help. It is specifically designed to educate people on how to appropriately address difficult mental health challenges in a workplace environment.

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Harnessing the Power of the Mind

Learn the power of mindfulness

Our beliefs and thoughts influence our behaviour
and emotions. This seminar helps employees identify those beliefs and thoughts driving certain behaviours and causing certain emotions, helping to demonstrate how some thought patterns can lead to relentless perfectionism, high levels of anxiety, or resentment and bitterness. Employees learn how to become a master of their own thought processes, to shape them in a way that is constructive, more accurate and helpful. By thinking differently employees are more able to do
things differently.

Resolving Conflict at Work

Practical steps to resolve conflict in the workplace

This seminar familiarises staff with key elements of
non-violent communication, helping them to resolve interpersonal conflict using empathic communication skills. It includes non-violent communication exercises and techniques to help employees develop reflective listening and mindful speaking skills.

Building Positive Emotions

Be conscious to build positive emotions

Research has repeatedly shown that cultivation of
positive emotions broadens people’s action repertoire and resilience to stressors. This seminar helps employees build positive emotions and foster positive mood states through learning exercises that help change one’s mindset and providing direct experience of the impact of positive emotions.


Keeping Your Skin Safe

Learn how to keep your skin healthy

New Zealand’s melanoma incidence rate is, sadly, the world highest. We live in a climate with strong UV radiation, so it is vital we take proactive measures to keep our skin healthy. We have all heard slip, slop, slap but what does it actually mean and how we do know we are using the right sunscreen or the right hat?

Run in groups of 30, depending on your Covid policy, and presented by one of our Dermoscopists, our one-hour ‘Keep your skin safe’ workshop starts off with an introduction into what factors cause our skin to be at risk of damage, before moving onto how damaging New Zealand’s sun can be if we do not protect ourselves. Lastly, we run through some tips and tricks your team can take away with them to help protect themselves and their loved ones.

At the end of the workshop, team members are given educational handouts to keep information at the top of their minds.

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