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Onsite Workplace Skin Checks

Onsite Workplace Melanoma Skin Cancer Skin checks by Healthbox

We are New Zealand's workplace skin cancer

screening specialists

Onsite workplace skin checks are conducted by our highly qualified skin cancer clinicians who ensure your team get the most value and feel relaxed

Skin | Workplace Melanoma & Skin Cancer Checks by Healthbox

Onsite Workplace Skin Checks


Each full body skin cancer screening is scheduled for 20 minutes to allow for a highly detailed and comprehensive skin cancer examination. Skin checks involve a thorough head-to-toe assessment of the patient’s skin to ensure any suspicious mole is identified and documented.


Screenings are performed with both a DermLite Dermatoscope and Dermengine technology which gives the ability to identify, image and map suspicious lesions. This superior technology enables screening practitioners to analyse moles on a deeper level, increasing the ability to identify melanoma and other skin cancers at a very early stage.


Throughout the consultation participants are provided important information about skin cancer and sun safety strategies in and out of the workplace. This significantly helps minimise the risk of sun related injuries in the future and also helps reduce the risk of liability to your organisation.

Workplace skin checks by Healthbox NZ
How it works
  • A highly qualified member of the Healthbox team comes to your workplace.

  • To determine an individual's complete risk, an online skin risk assessment is provided.

  • We provide the use of an online booking system to streamline the day.

  • Using a dermatoscope (hand held microscope), we comb head to toe for any at risk moles and pink lesions (some melanomas have no pigment).

  • If we do identify a suspicious lesion a referral is given to further determine the diagnosis. This can be life saving.

  • Photos are taken of at risk lesions for tracking and/or referral for biopsy.


Chsitchurch City Council

I have had two melanomas identified through these skin checks and subsequently removed, one just last year. Both were life threatening.

I thank my organisation for supplying the skin specialists Healthbox and for identifying the Melanomas. It was literally a life saver.



I thought it was very well executed, organised perfectly.


I would recommend the service to future participants. Catch skin cancer early and enjoy life.

For every SkinCheck performed, Healthbox donates to MelNet NZ, supporting melanoma research.

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