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Onsite Workplace Spirometry Testing

Spirometry testing in the workplace | New Zealand | Healthbox

Employee lung function testing covers your spirometry requirements under the Health and Safety Act and is a vital part of any workplace health and wellbeing programme. Our workplace spirometry tests are conducted by our highly qualified staff at your worksite.


Onsite Spirometry Testing

If your team is often exposed to fine particles from fumes, particulate dusts, airborne particles or solvents you will need to run regular spirometry tests. Respiratory hazards can significantly impacts your teams ability to perform their job. 

To perform a lunch function test, an individual inhales fully and then blows out into a spirometer. This is repeated several and times. We then measure the ferocity and consistency in which they exhale. This tells us if they have any obstruction in their lungs.

Our team of health experts come to your worksite to perform the lung function tests. We conduct the tests with world-leading technology and spirometers.

Workers need spirometry testing | New Zealand | Healthbox
How it works
  • Each individual books a 15-minute appointment in via our online booking system

  • A comprehensive 10 minute spirometry test, with 5 minutes discussion of results.

  • Our spirometry tests are conducted in accordance with New Zealand and international standards.

  • Each individual receives a report of their results and, if necessary, is referred for further treatment.

  • Workplace spirometry testing cover your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to protect your team members' lung function.

  • We keep track of your teams and manage your reporting requirements.

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