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Meet Healthbox

Our mission is to empower

your workforce through wellness

Our Vision

We believe wellness should be at the centre of every organization's culture.


A strong and healthy workforce not only results in a healthy bottom line but also a healthy and strong community. We see a future where wellness is not a reward for work but an integral part of the way a company works.

Healthbox - Workplace Wellbeing and Culture

Our Values

Wellness is built on relationships - not only external but also internal. Wellness is about creating a community that flourishes to create a strong network and support system. We use this guiding maxim everyday to partner with business in New Zealand, allowing for teams to thrive through wellness.  




The Team

Mark Baker,
Head of Digital

Our Model

Our health and wellbeing programmes are simple and efficient to implement, proven to enhance human capital.

Transform your team with a workplace wellbeing | New Zealand | Healthbox

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