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Healthy Eating 101 Seminar

You would think healthy eating is simple, right? Well, we breakdown and simplify healthy eating for your teams.

Keep Your Skin Safe And Healthy | Healthbox NZ

60 minutes





Nutrition is simple and eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Basic nutrition and diet advice can be hard to come by and when you do, is it correct? The Healthy Eating 101 seminar breaks down nutrition into simple, bite sized pieces, whilst educating your team on how to build a healthy foundation in their diet. 

Food is the basis of life, it is where we gain the majority of our energy from, our emotions depend on the food we provide our body and is a large factor in deciding whether we live a healthy life or not. 

Provided by our Nutrition Partner, Flex Nutrition, either on-site at your workplace or online via webinar, the Healthy Eating 101 seminar educates your team on the below:

  • Keys to good health: why balance and variety matters

  • A ‘whole’ lot of nutrition

  • Why more than enough is a waste

  • 80/20 rule for the win

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