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Focusing Attention And Managing Distractions Seminar

Help your teams stay productive right throughout the day with focus and attention strategies that empower them.

Focusing Attention And Managing Distractions | Healthbox NZ

90 minutes or 210 minutes





This programme is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver their best work, even in an environment of distraction and overwhelm. This programme comprises a powerful combination of well-researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to their ability to focus their attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done. If practiced regularly, these tools will enhance participants’ productivity and creativity, while reducing their stress levels.


The programme focuses on the most useful techniques high performers use to manage distraction and overwhelm. These techniques have been chosen based on evidence and feedback from hundreds of previous programme participants. They can all be learned quickly and easily applied immediately in the workplace – often the benefits are far reaching – improving the productivity of individuals, teams and entire workplaces.

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