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10 Behaviours Workshop

Break out from seminars and allow your teams to get hands-on. The 10 behaviours workshop does just that.

10 Behaviours Seminar Series - Virtual Or F2F | Healthbox NZ

3 x 75 mintues


Mental Wellbeing



The 10 Behaviours learning experience enables professional and personal success. This is a unique opportunity for staff to develop skills and instigate changes that will impact their success – and ultimately that of their team and organisation.

The daily challenges faced by organisations means a positive culture for success is imperative to navigate change. This engaging, content rich, practical programme takes participants on a journey of self-discovery.

This programme was created after more than 30 years of ongoing research by international thought leader, Dr David Keane. Delivered to groups of no more than 16 people, the F2F workshop has opportunity for discussion and will take you on a journey to explore how you can implement the 10 Behaviours into your professional and personal life. This change could ultimately enable you to better create a culture for success in your organisation.

Two weeks following the workshop, each participant receives a one-hour private coaching session with the facilitator to review progress and plan for future success.

Workshop participants receive:

  • The bestselling book The Art of Deliberate Success: The 10 Behaviours of Successful People

  • A workbook for recording thinking, learning points and future actions

  • An activation code for the 10 Behaviours App which has powerful tools and resources

  • On Managing Yourself book published by Harvard Business Review Press

  • One-hour of individual coaching with the facilitator.

Outcome 1:  Define Success for You

When we take the time to stand back from the day-to-day activities of our busy lives, we may be surprised to discover that success can be defined in many ways depending on what is important to us and the stage of life we’re in. Unless we do this critical work, we are likely to be very busy on the wrong things.

Outcome 2:  Learn the 10 Behaviours

It makes sense to learn what it is successful people do. If we can discover these behaviours, and then start to put them into practice in our professional and personal lives, we’ll get the results we want much quicker. While the 10 behaviours are not obvious, they are learnable.

Outcome 3:  Apply and Measure

Knowing about success and the 10 behaviours is not enough. We must apply the knowledge and put it into practice – every day. Using the workshop resources and measurement tools within the App, enduring success is possible.

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