Skin Checks

by Healthbox

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A thorough ‘point in time’ skin check by a Healthbox Dermoscopist, who is highly trained in the science of spotting at-risk moles. Any moles of concern will be photographed and sent to a Dermatologist for expert diagnosis.

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Skin Checks by Healthbox


Each full body skin cancer screening is scheduled for 25 minutes to allow for a highly detailed and comprehensive skin cancer examination. Skin checks involve a thorough head-to-toe assessment your skin to ensure any suspicious mole is identified and documented.


Screenings are performed with both a DermLite Dermatoscope and Dermengine technology which gives the ability to identify, image and map suspicious lesions. This superior technology enables screening practitioners to analyse moles on a deeper level, increasing the ability to identify melanoma and other skin cancers at a very early stage.


Throughout the consultation, you are provided important information about skin cancer and sun safety strategies, practical for life and the workplace. This significantly helps minimise the risk of sun-related injuries in the future and the chances of you developing a melanoma or skin cancer.

Book a skin check auckland
How it works
  • Based at our Ponsonby clinic, a skin check by Healthbox is $135.

  • To determine your complete skin health risk, an online skin risk assessment is provided.

  • Using a dermatoscope, we comb head to toe for any at risk moles.

  • If we do identify a lesion a referral is given to further determine the risk level. 

  • Photos of at risk lesions if necessary.

  • We provide you with Skin cancer and melanoma prevention information