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Healthy Cooking Demo

A fun, collaborative and hands-on approach to learning healthy eating tips and tricks.

Healthy Cooking Demo | Healthbox NZ






Cooking is about bringing people together, making memories with loved ones at home or teaching your teams the health benefits of eating well. 

Life can be busy, and we do not always have a spare 30 minutes to prepare complete meals. Healthy cooking demos are a great way to promote healthy, nutritious cooking and give your team the knowledge they need to make meals that provide the nutrition for a productive day or cooking power meals for their families. 

Brought to your by Wicked Wellbeing, the Healthy Cooking Workshop is an interactive, fun and engaging way to promote wellness in your workplace, whilst building team culture. The class can be adapted and customised to suit your teams needs or any particular theme. If you have special dietary needs like gluten intolerance or veganism - we just need advance notice from any participants so we can make sure there is enough variety in our offerings for everyone.

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