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Supercharge Your Energy Seminar

Educate your teams on how to stay energized throughout the day with simple, effective and sustainable strategies.

Supercharge Your Energy | Healthbox NZ

60 minutes


Personal Energy



The common belief is that when we feel tired during the day it’s because we didn’t get enough sleep last night; however, this isn’t always true! 

Our energy levels are influenced by so many different factors, and thankfully, we know what those are, and the affects they have. 

The Supercharge Your Energy workshop allows your team to understand what factors can drain or recharge their personal energy, strategize for maximizing energy levels, and take a proactive stand in life. This workshop will teach your teams what does help energize us as human beings, and more importantly how we can tap into those sources of energy when we do feel low. 

Presented by Cara Blanchard, Healthbox’s human wellbeing expert, and in combination with our Nutrition Partner, Flex Nutrition, the Supercharge Your Energy workshop educates your team on the below: 

  • What is energy? 

  • What influences energy? 

  • The circadian rhythm and how it forms the basis of energy 

  • How to boost your energy 

  • Breaking common myths, pitfalls and how to prevent energy slumps with tips and tricks

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