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Building Emotional Resilience Through Healthy Thinking Seminar

A resilience workshop that educates your team on the power of managing emotions.

Building Emotional Resilience Through Healthy Thinking | Healthbox NZ

90 minutes or 210 minutes





Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back after experiencing difficult times. It starts with developing awareness of what and how you think. 

In this programme participants explore their thinking habits and learn which ones are serving them well that they should keep. They also identify which ones they need to change in order to build greater emotional resilience. They diagnose their own unhealthy thinking habits and understand the impact these have on their wellbeing. They will learn many simple and practical techniques for overcoming these habits and how to strengthen their tolerance for strong emotions. 

If practiced regularly, these techniques will make a significant difference to their emotional resilience. The programme focuses on the top five healthy thinking habits that we believe make the biggest difference to building emotional resilience. 

These five have been chosen based on feedback from hundreds of previous programme participants. They are drawn from research in the areas of positive psychology, neuroscience and high performance sport. They can all be learned quickly and easily applied by anyone who wants to flourish in this rapidly changing, often turbulent world.

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