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Charge Your Immunity Seminar

Immunity is more important than ever. Help your team stay healthy through unknown times.

Charge Your Immunity | Healthbox NZ

60 minutes





Immunity is the hot topic at the moment. Covid is not going away and has made us rethink a lot about our lifestyles. The Charge Your Immunity workshop is a great to educate your team on the immune system, what affects it and how to build a strong immune system that fights off unwanted friends. Our immune system is influenced by so many different factors, and thankfully, we know what a lot of those are, and the affects they have. 

The Charge Your Immunity workshop allows your team to understand what factors can drain or boost their immunity and gives a deep dive into the immunity system and how to balance it for better health and wellbeing. Educating your teams on what does help boost their immunity will allow them to live healthier, stronger and more productive lives. 

Presented by Cara Blanchard, Healthbox’s wellbeing expert, and in combination with our Nutrition Partner, Flex Nutrition, the Charge Your Immunity workshop educates your team on the below:

  • What is immunity?

  • What influences immunity?

  • How our lifestyles impact our immune system

  • How to boost your immunity

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