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Compassion At Work Seminar

Compassion is vital for teams to succeed. Is your team missing the key?

Compassion At Work | Healthbox NZ

90 minutes or 210 minutes


Mental Wellbeing



The Compassion at Work programme is designed to help participants feel more deeply connected to others, boost their wellbeing and increase their capacity to cope in difficult times or with difficult people. They will learn how to train their mind to intentionally choose compassionate thoughts and actions and develop skills that help them relate to others – and themselves. 

The aim of this programme is to help participants understand what compassion is, and the role and impact it has in our workplaces. They will learn about the scientific research behind compassion and learn the skills required to take compassionate action. 

These skills if applied regularly, will help them support others, deepen connections, communicate more effectively and boost their own and others’ wellbeing.

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