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Understanding The Latest Diet Trends Seminar

Trends move fast, but diets move faster. We break down diet trends to help your team understand if they truly work or not.

Understanding The Latest Diet Trends | Healthbox NZ

60 minutes


Diet Trends



In today’s fast paced world where information is widely accessible, we are bombarded with trendy diets and health fads. It can be hard to decipher what is true. 

The Understanding the Latest Diet Trends seminar breaks down diet trends and health fads, giving your team the information and tools they need to build a complete and healthy diet, suited to their needs. 

Food is the basis of life, it is where we gain the majority of our energy from, our emotions depend on the food we provide our body and is a large factor in deciding whether we live a healthy life or not. Clever marketing and unsubstantiated health claims can often make fad diets appear to provide the energy and rebalance we are missing in our lives. The issue is, more often than not, these trends and fad diets are not suited to our bodies needs and can leave you in a worse place than before you started. 

Provided by our Nutrition Partner, Flex Nutrition, the Understanding the Latest Diet Trends seminar educates your team on the below: 

  • Popular vs traditional diets 

  • How weight loss diets work (hint: it’s not magic) 

  • How to spot a ‘fad’ diet 

  • Popular diets: what you need to know 

  • Nutrition and dieting 101

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