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Onsite Workplace Health Checks by Healthbox

Onsite Workplace Health Checks by Healthbox

Onsite employee workplace health checks are a great way to ensure that wellbeing is at the centre of your organizational culture, enabling your teams to thrive.

Onsite Workplace Health Checks by Healthbox

Onsite Workplace Health Checks

Your team will receive personalized results in the appointment which are 100% confidential. Plus, your team will take away with them their own personal results booklet which includes information on how to interpret their results to gain an understanding of how they affect their health. Also, the booklet is full of sources to direct your team to where they can go to discover further information.


HealthChecks are a vital part of any workplace wellbeing programme as they help you to discover not only individual areas of risk within your organization but a perspective on your organizational health picture.  We utilise results of the HealthChecks to develop a tailored and comprehensive programme that focusses on the pinpointed risks in your organisation and teams.

How it works
  • A comprehensive check of each individual to assess their Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes risk plus their overall wellbeing.

  • Each individual is provided with an online Health Risk Assessment prior to their HealthCheck to enable the clinician to gain a holistic view of lifestyle and health.​

  • Healthbox partners with organizations across New Zealand to provide HealthChecks which include a convenient online booking system.

  • HealthChecks are a direct measure of your wellness programme and strategy. We help you to fine-tune your organization.

Onsite Workplace Health checks by Healtbox
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