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Executive Medicals

Your organization depends on your leaders to be fit, healthy and strong. Our Executive Medicals allow your leadership team to thrive in their roles

Executive Medicals by Healthbox | New Zealand

Executive Medicals

Your organization's executive team is like the roof on a house holding the rain out - solid, well built and weatherproof. They are the pillars of the culture, leading by example.


The Executive Medical is aimed at providing partners with a thorough assessment of their current health status and provides information, guidelines and advice on how to improve their lifestyle. 

Executive Medicals by Healthbox | New Zealand
How it works
  • Comprehensive Medical Examination

    • The cardiovascular system including blood pressure, pulse and cardiac check.

    • Respiratory system

    • Abdominal and genitourinary system

    • Eyes, ears, nose and throat examination

    • Lymph nodes

    • Neurological system

    • Musculoskeletal examination when required

    • Skin examination

    • Physical prostate or breast examination when required

  • Personal Lifestyle and Medical Questionnaire

    • Personal and Family Health History

    • Lifestyle Profile (including activity and nutrition)

    • Stress and Anxiety Assessment 

  • Comprehensive report including all measurements and results

  • Personalised health recommendations

  • Specialist referral if necessary

  • Measurements

    • Muscle balance and flexibility assessment

    • Spirometry

    • Body fat measurements

    • Waist and hip measurements

    • Height, weight, body mass index

  • Pathology

    • Full Blood Count

    • Liver Function

    • Fasting blood sugar

    • Cholesterol

    • Kidney Function

    • PSA for men

    • Ferritin for women

  • Cardiovascular Risk Profile

    • Resting and Stress ECG

    • Cardiovascular Disease Risk assessment

Our team performs a two-hour medical which allows for your executive team to gain a holistic and comprehensive view of their health.

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