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Positive Change Leadership Workshop

As well as being a leader, you need to also learn how to lead. Leadership is key for your teams to succeed.

Positive Change Leadership | Healthbox NZ

90 minutes or 210 minutes





This programme provides leaders with a range of tools and ideas for implementing and supporting positive change processes within their teams and across the organisation.  Participants learn how to lead a team through any type of change by applying positive leadership principles (using Professor Kim Cameron’s Positive Leadership Model).

Based on a real case study, this workshop focuses on how to foster resilient and change agile employees with the capacity to grow and flourish.  It challenges leaders to assess the cultures they are creating and enables them to move towards leading change in a more positive way.  

Exploration of the case study gives participants the opportunity to examine the practical application of the positive leadership model in their own setting.  Participants leave with a range of strategies that can be implemented immediately – while recognising current best practice. They also understand how to build personal resilience and lead by example, and how to instil resilience into the culture of the organisation.

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