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Mental Health Assessments

Workplace Mental Health Assessens by Healtbox

Gain fast and reliable insights into your organization's mental health whilst catering to individual needs

through our assessments. 

Mental Health Assessments

Our psychologists and counsellors are clinically trained to identify what drives individual and group behaviour - including elemental personality traits.


Utilizing this specialized knowledge, coupled with online assessments, we can identify your organizational mental health on an individual and organizational level.


We work with you in forming mental health systems that drive your teams to succeed and become superhero employees. Mental health is just one cog in the wellbeing system, but some would argue the most important. 

Workplace Mental Health Assessens by Healtbox

How does it work?

  • Our psychologists and counsellors work with your team to understand your objectives.

  • We identify individuals that are struggling with their work-life balance and create systems for them. 

  • We create a mental health system for your organization. 

  • Utilizing clinically tested and verified online questionnaires.

  • Make evidence-based recommendations about your organizational mental health and implement strategies into your overall wellbeing system.

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