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Our tools for wellbeing create employee health and wellness systems that enable your organizational culture and teams to thrive


Body - workplace wellness tools by Healthbox
Skin - melanoma skin cancer checks by Healthbox
Mind - Mental Health Tools for the Workpace

A smart business is a healthy business

As your workplace health and wellbeing partner, we work with you to tailor a wellness strategy that can be applied easily and effectively.

Our expertise focusses on three key areas of wellness that will provide the tools to help keep your business in peak flow.


Your organisation needs a holistic physical well being system. Body is your partner


Skin is here to help with onsite workplace melanoma skin cancer detection. Skin wellbeing is an 

often missing piece of a workplace wellbeing system.


Mental wellbeing has become an essential part of the wellbeing puzzle. Mind is a complete mental wellbeing solution for the workplace. 

Healthbox Workplace Wellbeing New Zealand

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

Empowering your team. Enhancing business growth.

Our holistic wellbeing systems help create a culture-first vision and approach to work within your organization.

A culture first vision creates more productive employees, focusing on their total quality life, from work/life balance, to physical and mental health, to social, financial and spiritual wellbeing.

How do we develop mindsets geared toward culture-first and total quality of life? By changing the game when it comes to wellness systems, making them what they should be: More engaging, social, fun and part of everyone’s day-to-day.

We are transforming some of New Zealand's

leading organizations

For every SkinCheck performed, Healthbox donates to Melanoma New Zealand, supporting melanoma research.


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