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Covid-19 Update Regarding New Zealand Lockdown

Oh, how the world has changed. Times are certainly unknown, and can seem quite overwhelming. It is times like this when we need our support networks the most. We have been through this before so no doubt, New Zealand can do it again.

Healthbox Covid-19 Lockdown Level 4 Update
Stay calm, support each other and we will get throught this.

Remember to be safe by wearing masks at all times outside, scanning wherever you go, making sure your family is safe and by staying 2 metres from members of the public at all times.

As we enter level 4 lockdown, due to the recent outbreak of Delta variant cases of Covid-19 in Auckland, Healthbox will be delaying all in-person and on-site partner activities. Once we gain further insight into the situation via Government, and Ministry of Health updates we will begin the process of rescheduling and planning future partner activities.

During level 4, all the below tools for wellbeing are available:

Healthbox will not be in full operation until Level 2.5. If you have not already been contacted by the Healthbox team, we will be in contact shortly with all partners to manage the process of Healthbox team members coming on-site to your workplace.

Once again, stay safe and protect yourself and your family. It is important we beat this outbreak fast and get back to normality quickly. Healthbox is here to support yourself and your teams, so do not hesitate to contact us or email us at


The Healthbox Team


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