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12 Surprisingly Easy Ways to a Happy and Healthy Workforce

12 Surprisingly Easy Ways to a Happy and Healthy Workforce
Wellbeing should'nt be compromised at work. We have put together a short list of easy to implement activities to get your teams healthy!

Too often in this fast-paced world we compromise our health and wellbeing for our work. That doesn't have to be the case. Organizations are the key to individual futures thriving becoming successful and fulfilling, you just need to supply the tools that allow your teams to thrive in the workplace and life.

Your greatest organizational asset is your teams and the individuals that make up those teams. Their health should be at the forefront of any company’s interests. This includes stress management and plenty of physical exercise.

Any investment into the area of wellness is bound to yield positive outcomes. Team members become highly motivated, more productive and happier resulting in a culture driven workforce that works as a system. It is a family affair after all.

Here is a comprehensive list of some easy steps for some heavy hitting healthy results!

#1 Take the Stairs

Elevators are not doing any favors to our cardiovascular systems. Just by taking the stairs 10 minutes every day, daily energy burn can increase by up to 500kJ. Cultures thrive when they have a leader at the front lighting the path - be the change you want to see in your employees and lead by example.

#2 A Walk at Lunch Time

Taking a walk instead of eating at your desk is not only good for your health, but it will also help you relax and get a breath of fresh air. This way you will clear your head and be ready to take on new tasks. Moreover, gather some team members and make a pledge to walk every lunch time.

#3 Bicycle as a Means of Transport

Eco-friendly? Fitness building? Look no further from cycling. It is a great way to get to work while working on your heart health.

How to encourage your employees to come to work by bicycle? Many companies offer incentives for those who cycle to work. Others create options for bicycle discounts or trade-ins. Placing bike stands in the carpark is cheap and effective!

#4 Don’t Skip Breakfast

In order to start your day refreshed and ready for work, remember to always have breakfast. This way you will start to develop a habit of having breakfast every morning, and even start making better food choices.

#5 Remember To Drink Water

Want to stay healthy? Always remember to hydrate. Be mindful of those around you - give a friendly nudge to remind others to do so! Hydration is especially important if you are an active person, you will need to make up for the lost fluid.

#6 Check Air Quality Regularly

Air quality should be very high on your list of priorities. You employees will be thankful as poor air quality can cause headaches or fatigue. People could have problems with concentration. Nose, throat and eye irritation is also common in such situations.

#7 Stand Up For Better Health

Sitting down can cause severe strain on our back muscles, especially at long periods. Some businesses are implementing the option of working while standing up. Elevated tables and anti-fatigue mats are also good ways to improve posture as well. Get your team ergonomically assessed by one of our team.

#8 Entertaining Laughter Workshops

Laughter is a great natural medicine for tension and stress. Laughter workshops are incredibly simple, very effective, and can be a great team building exercise. Laughter is a great way for your employees to bond and it also has a great effect on both mental and physical state.

#9 Keep Adventure Spirit Alive Even in the Office

A healthy office trip? Sound like a waste of time? You could not be farther from the truth. Outdoors you can find exactly what you need - physical exercise and fresh air. This will have a relaxing influence on your team members.

#10 Check Your Work-Life Volume

Take a moment to reflect on your work-life balance. Our world can be chaotic and stressful at times. Creating a work-life can be difficult for team members but when kept in check and balance can enable a more productive and happier environment. Check out Mind and discover how we can help you team thrive.

#11 Hobby Clubs

Hobbies range far and wide but there is always someone else interested in what you are interested in. Organizing hobby clubs so your teams in a fantastic way to create a social culture within your organization. A culture after all is a community of interests. Plus they can be super fun!

#12 Lessons on Personal Growth

Organize lessons on personal growth and development. Your team members will love to see how you encourage them to work on their personal growth. Allow time during the day for individuals to work on themselves.

The workplace is a system, just like a culture. Creating an organization driven by a culture of wellbeing will enable your teams to have the best possible future they can whilst being productive and highly effective employees.

This post was written in collaboration with Alsco. You can find their original post by clicking here.


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